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      About listTraining & Development

      In YOURJAI, we expect every employee to make good use of all learning resources to achieve self-inspiration.

      ? Learning Resources

      Resources providers: 1. Managers at all levels of the Company; 2. HR Department; special training (education) institution;
      Form of Resources
      The training courses internally held by the Company, such as the entry training for new employees organized by the HR Department and the professional technique training organized by various departments, etc.;
      On-the-job Tutoring: Your superior or senior colleagues will train and guide you in daily work through the preparation of work plan, allocation of work, promotion of work improvement, help with problem solving, etc.
      External Study: For the purpose of improving work skills, expansion of vision and inspiration of employees, the Company will organize management personnel and professional personnel to visit good projects home and abroad from time to time.
      External Training: The training vision of YOURJAI is to build the Company into a learning organization, thus the Company encourages its regular employees to take active part in external training (which refers to the lectures, speeches, seminars, demonstration conference, etc. provided by organization other than the Company, with the purpose of improving work ability of the trainees so as to better serve the Company) conducive for their working ability during the employment term. External training will include qualification training and skill training. The Company will help by bearing a certain percentage of the training fee of the trained employees and such employees need to sign training contract of corresponding years with the Company accordingly.

      ? Development Path

      Your individual development in the Company reflects the improvement of your personal value, which not only means ability enhancement, but also:
      1. Win a good professional reputation, with outstanding performance and high professional ethics;
      2. Gain more development space, with rich experience and excellent professional standard.
      Occupational System
      1. The Company pays attention to the occupational development of its employees and encourages its employees to formulate personal career development plan under the guidance and help of the Company.
      2. The Company may provide two kinds of occupational development paths to its employees:

      Expert-type Talent Path: It means that an employee devotes himself in continuous in-depth development in certain or several related areas, pursuing the improvement of personal professional skills, in order to become a leading expert in such area(s) as his career development goal;

      Management-type Talent Path: It means that an employee coordinates and organizes a team and the work of the team members to fulfill the work objectives and realize work performance target of the team, so as to become a first-rate professional manager as his career development goal.

      Promotion Mechanism
      1. In the event of vacancy, any staff who meets the following criteria will have opportunities for promotion and development
      2. Anyone who exceeds the annual target
      3. Anyone who is self-motivated, has strong sense of responsibility and professional ethics and the knowledge, skills and experience required for the post (position)


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